Dear pirates,
maintaining your suite is our priority. it allows the decoration, the noble materials of your suite and the high-end equipment to be maintained over the long term. Our staff clean your suite daily, as well as the day of your departure.

This is all the more important as our hotel has very large outdoor spaces and insects are part of nature.

However, this service does not provide the following services:
– Taking care of dirty dishes.
– Switching on the dishwasher (and storing the dishes on the day of departure).
– Hand cleaning of crystal glasses
– Cleaning the inside of the cupboards (crumbs)
– Cleaning the inside of the fridge (including removal of the last food on the day of departure)
– The cleaning of the oven, microwave.
– Cleaning the barbecue (including removing the charcoal), cleaning the barbecue grill (only for the hotel Cap Pirate)
– Trash brought to the household waste container.

Do not hesitate to ask for this service at the reception if you feel the need.

It is specified that if 2 criteria were observed on the day of departure by the cleaning team, the service would be considered as morally accepted by the resident.

NB: In the case of room service or home chef service, these 2 services provide for the complete cleaning of your kitchen linked to these 2 services.

Daily kitchen cleaning: 80€/day (only for the Cap Pirate hotel)
Kitchen cleaning on the day of your departure: €100 (Mh Privilege P2 and P3 garden and out of garden)

Full cleaning = Mobile home + kitchen: €120 (Mh classic S2 and S3)

* This service includes all or part of the following services: handling of dirty dishes, switching on of the dishwasher (and tidying up the dishes on the day of departure), hand cleaning of crystal glasses, cleaning the inside of the cupboards (crumbs), cleaning the inside of the fridge (including removal of the last food on the day of departure), cleaning the oven, microwave, cleaning the barbecue (including removing the charcoal consumed) , cleaning the barbecue grill, the trash brought to the household garbage container.

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