Family game / Duration 1h

Why do our treasure hunt?

The treasure hunt by Cap Pirate is THE outdoor activity to do with the family to live an exceptional moment together!

Thanks to the treasure hunt you will discover corners of the Hotel in which you would never have dared to venture.
Our animator will guide you throughout your game so that you can reach your goal!

Different crews will be present with you! You will feel like real pirates… Be sharp and cunning!


“Bunch of old mollusks! Only the Captain on board the ship knows where the famous treasure of the Hotel Cap Pirate is … A chest filled with gold with the famous elixir of life that will make you forever eternal!”

For this you will have to solve the puzzles left by the abominable Captain who wishes to be the only eternal being! Each correct answer given to the captain will bring you closer to the treasure and give you a new rejuvenation!

Privileges depending on your suite

Corsaire rooms, Commodores prestige suite, Prestige Commodores Suites & Prestige Blackbeard Suite: 

1 session of 60 minutes for 2 to 6 people offered for the duration of your stay


Price: 25€ per 1 hour session for 2 to 6 players


Session available daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
(in the limit of the available stock.)

For reservations, please contact the reception directly (tel.200) or on