Pirate’s Challenge

An ideal activity if you like group activities where you have to search, search and decipher. A mix of orienteering, general knowledge, deciphering and strategy games

The scenario

In 1650, Claude Terrisse, famous corsair of Louis XIII, decided to hide a fabulous treasure at Cap d’Agde inside the Cap Pirate hotel. During these battles, he discovers in particular the fountain of youth which allows him to survive until our days, unlike all his crew who is no longer of this world.
Today, Cap d’Agde welcomes more and more people and its treasure is now in danger. He therefore wants to hire a new crew to hide his treasure in a new place. To choose well, he decides to put new teams to the test!
Who will manage to find the right chests, decipher the puzzles and win in the games of skill against the pirates of cape pirate?


Price: 50€ per session of 1h15 for 2 to 6 players

Privileges based on your suite

Mobile homes Standard 2 and 3, Premium 2 and 3 garden and out of garden, Moussaillons, Pirates, Filibusters Suites, Corsairs Rooms and Buccaneers Suites

Discount of €20 on a 1h15 session for 2 to 6 people. Or 30€ instead of 50€

Commodores Prestige Suite & Blackbeard Prestige
1 session of 1h15 for 2 to 6 people offered for the duration of your stay


Session available daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
(in the limit of the available stock.)

For reservations, please contact the reception directly (tel.200) or on www.pirategame.fr

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