Mister Black Chest

A magnificent treasure chest filled with 13 mechanisms that must be deciphered one after the other. Clues can be entrusted to you… Game in total autonomy

The scenario

Mister Black a fearsome pirate has hidden his treasure deep in the ocean! After a long and terrible crossing at sea, we found this chest! We now need your brains to open this chest, thwart Mister Black’s mechanisms and try to discover the treasure hidden there!


Price €40 per 45-minute session for 1 to 4 players

Privileges based on your suite

Commodores Prestige and Blackbeard Prestige Suites
1 session of 45 minutes for 1 to 4 people offered for the duration of your stay


Session available every day (within the limit of available stocks.)

For reservations, please contact the reception directly (tel.200) or on www.pirategame.fr

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