Guests are welcome. No additional costs, other than tourist taxes (2.53€ per adult and per night for the Pirates World hotel and Cap Pirate / 1.44€ per adult and per night for the campsite), will be requested. Please inform reception of the number of occupants in your suite.

Our animal friends are not allowed in our hotel, nor in the premium and garden mobile homes. They are only allowed in the standard 2-bedroom mobile home.

In order not to disturb the peace of your neighbors, we ask you to stop the music after 11:45 p.m. and to speak in a low voice, if you are staying on your terrace / in your garden.

By law, smoking is prohibited inside the suites. A fine of 450 € per stay may be applied. Please put out your cigarette ends in the ashtray.

We do everything we can to ensure the confidentiality of your data; none of our customer files are sold to a third party. Your bank details are only used for the payment of your reservation and related ancillary costs, as well as for the deposit.

We fight daily against wasted water and electricity and we want to make you aware of this.

If you want your household linen to be cleaned, we invite you to notify the reception service, which will do so on request. In general, we change the laundry on the fourth day. If you want to change your towels, please put them on the shower floor.

We have installed flow reducers on all water points. Remember to close your taps.

For the Buccaneer and Blackbeard Suites, please fill your jacuzzi only once during your stay. An automatic filtration and water treatment system has been put in place to ensure its quality.

Remember to turn off all lights when you leave a room.

All the lights in the common areas work with recognition cells.

Your suite has thermal insulation from the outside. This process allows you to enjoy a mild indoor temperature in winter and cooler in summer. We thank you for closing all doors and windows under all circumstances.